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Feeling distracted?

Do you constantly feel distracted when you sit down to work? Does daily fatigue prevent you from achieving your goals?

Struggling with mental focus can be a major detriment to your personal and professional life. Whether you’re a hard-working student, executive or entrepreneur, you simply don’t have time to waste—especially when you have important things to do.

You’ve tried coffee, energy drinks, and other focus supplements,

but the awful headaches, brain fog, anxiety, and crash have you searching for another option. Ordinary concentration pills can take half an hour to kick in, which is far too long when you’re already behind on your to-do list. Plus, these pills seem to fade away quickly, leaving you feeling spacey and distracted again after just an hour.

You’re desperate for better focus and productivity,

but there’s hundreds of options on the market and no real proof about whether or not these solutions work. Sometimes, it can feel like you’re throwing your hard-earned money down the drain. You care about what you put into your body,

so why would you try something that hasn’t been researched?

The obstacle of finding a solution only adds to the stress and anxiety you already feel as a high-achieving, hard-working person.

“I have tried numerous products. Some worked a little and most did nothing. Total Focus works for me. I am much more focused and my memory has improved. I am so pleased to have finally found a solution. Thank you Azoth.”

Michael N Bloom

The solution

Energy shots and supplements simply aren’t enough for the results you need. You deserve a natural, effective solution that works in harmony with your mind and body. Azoth Total Focus is a premier concentration pill backed by 20 clinical studies, 5 years of research and countless customer success stories.

Total Focus differs from other brands because it’s made with Zynamite, a natural caffeine alternative that provides instant focus with zero side effects.

Made from mango leaf extract, this award-winning, breakthrough ingredient naturally boosts energy, mental clarity and brain processing times so you can achieve the best possible results.

Azoth Total Focus is the Solution
“Wow! I received my product today and was just as excited about reading the history of the product as taking it. It was like reading about my own life, so many things wanting to accomplish but not enough energy or focus to do so. I took one capsule and within an hour I went from feeling blah to feeling ready to get some things done. I had no jitters. I’m looking forward to having this as part of my daily regiment. It works!”
Lea Coston
“Since COVID, I've been working from home. And as a teacher and dean, it's been extremely challenging. I first bought my first bottle about a month ago and I was skeptical at first. However, the first pill I took, I had such sustained energy that even I was surprised. I'm up 5:30 am and working by 6:15 am. I had energy most of the day. It began to wane around 4:45 pm. I took the second pill at about 5 and went on a 2-mile run! Suffice it to say, I'm incredibly pleased with this product!”
“This is a one of a kind (first to market containing the ingredient "Zynamite") supplement and delivers on its claims. The energy and focus that I obtain from this supplement carries me through an entire day with no energy crash or any other side effects. The feeling that you obtain from taking it is a subtle but noticeable difference of making you more alert and focused that is sustainable throughout the day. This new go-to supplement for me has eliminated my need for caffeine in the mornings and during my usual midday energy and focus slumps.”
Amazon Customer
"This product doesnt overly stimulate, but it does noticeable turn up the "dimmer switch" on your brain. If pure caffeine makes one feel like a conqueror, this formulation makes one feel more like a survivor. Instead of overly anticipating tasks, I simply move on to the next one on my list when the time comes."
Charles Worlety
"I bought this product to try out because I enjoyed their other product Azoth 2.0 and had fantastic results. I didnt believe it to be possible, but they delivered in a big way, and Total Focus was even better! I felt like I experienced peak mental performance with improvement to memory, mood, and mental clarity. I had long lasting focus and increased motivation to tackle whatever I had to do. Great job! I highly recommend getting some for yourself and trying it out!"
Mikail King
"I am a stim junkie and my tolerance for caffeine is over the top. I never thought I'd find a product that supplies only 50mg and gives me a strong feeling of energy and keep me going. Well, I found it! Total focus gives me all of the energy of a huge dose of caffeine, as well as mild feeling of euphoria and focus. And it lasts all day with no crash! Great product!"
Dan Corcoran


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"I was surprised how quickly I felt clearer in my thoughts etc"

Samantha Dean

“Hours of focus and mood boost”

marcel a sedeno

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