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Stuck in Your 9-5 Job: How to Spend More Time Doing what You Love

Increase productivity to get your 9-5 job done

Gone are the days where everyone’s dream was to have the “seemingly perfect white-collar job”. Unfortunately for the gurus in the corporate world, the secret has come to light. People are becoming less and less interested in the modern day slavery that is the 9-5 work.

No one enjoys waking up to a job they dread or having to put up with an unlikeable boss. Slaving away with no promotion or appreciation. No one wants to feel stuck! 

However, you don’t need to quit your 9-5 job to get more time doing what you love. The point is to increase productivity. To get the work done faster and more efficiently and win the extra time.

by Andy J. Skye    February 21, 2020

It takes a lot of nerve to outrightly ditch the 9-5 and go into what you love for so many reasons. There does the fear of the unknown, fear of failure, saying that you don’t have it all figured out, not know how to transition from your 9-5 job and so much more excuses. Yes, they are excuses, though valid ones.

Your financial responsibilities may even suffer but it’s not impossible! You may have to decrease your standard of living until you are able to keep your head above the water. The question should not be if it is possible. Rather, it should be whether or not you are willing to make the sacrifice.

You fail to realise that the best time to have started was yesterday. Time waits for no one so don’t waste your life.

It’s okay to feel uncomfortable quitting your job but there are ways to have a 9-5 and still spend time doing what you love. How amazing is that?

You may think that it is easier said than done but it does get easier as time goes on. Remember that consistency is key in anything that is worth doing if you want to produce good results. 


Imagine a life where you got to spend more time doing what you love. Things that actually matter to you. Let me remind you of what some of them are.

  • You want to learn new skill sets that would help you reach financial freedom

I mean who wouldn’t. Everyone wants to have enough wealth and let their money work for them in the long run. The good thing is that it all starts with you deciding to take out time to learn and then just going for it. Inaction pays no one!

  • You want to have time to develop that side hustle

Yes I said it; it’s a side hustle which means that you can still keep your 9-5 if you want. Though I perceive that once it really hits off you’ll ditch it like most of us do. Whatever the side hustle is, you need discipline, consistent effort and time on your hands.

  • You want to be able to spend quality time with friends and family

It is so annoying as a parent for example to have to leave for work early in the morning and get back home late in the evening and all you want to do is sleep. You and your kids are now strangers. It’s heartbreaking to miss your child’s first steps or first words. The guilt that eats away at you is second to none. It’s okay, I understand that you have to make ends meet but at what cost?

How about your friends who constantly complain that they don’t know who you are anymore. They want you to spend some time with them but you know your hands are somehow tied. You keep telling yourself that man is not an island but find that you are going in deeper and deeper. You are scared to lose the people you care about but don’t know what to do.

Notice that a factor in all these three instances is the lack of time or not being able to manage it. Moreover, there are only twenty four hours in a day so how can you do it all and not burn out.

Fear Not!

You can spend more time doing what you love…


Azoth helps you focus, increase your motivation, energy and mental stamina.

When you are able to do your 9-5 job properly and still have the time and energy to do what you love then you can say that you have truly won. Being productive is having the ability to accomplish tasks excellently in a timely manner with minimal effort on your part. To be productive is to be efficient in your activities.   


Start Now

This is a no brainer! You cannot produce results without putting in the work. Do something! Decide to create that to-do list, buy that online course, declutter, change that habit, start that side hustle, learn that skill, and speak to that investor. It is almost certain that once you see results you would wish you had started earlier.

Gain the Extra Time

You cannot have more than 24 hours in a day but you can still gain time. A hack to being more productive is to wake up early. Early risers kick off their day while others are still sleeping and ultimately get more things done. Waking up early can be a little difficult when you are just starting but there are ways to stay on track. Decide not to break the chain, remove every excuse to sleep in, reflect on the positives and find a good alarm clock.


The worst thing that can happen when one wants to focus is being distracted by everything including your mind. It’s at that time that all you need to do comes to mind or that friend you haven’t spoken to in a while decides to call. Being able to focus is a skill that you have to cultivate. And like every other skill it gets easier as you continue to engage in it. Practice makes perfect. But before you become a guru at focusing, there are ways to help you get there faster. Azoth 2.0 Total Nootropic is an amazing one.

Be Motivated

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t get yourself to do what you knew you had to. You were lacking motivation in every sense of the word. A lot of motivational speakers say to be disciplined when you can’t find motivation. But what happens if you can’t seem to be disciplined at that time. The answer would be to get help. Get all the help you need to remain focused.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to always have that drive to get things done whenever you want to. Procrastination is the thief of business and I dare say of one’s life. By the time you pile up all that needs to be done and while away your day doing nothing. It leaves you disorganised and unmotivated. 

Increase your Mental Stamina

In addition to using a nootropic supplement, you can increase your mental performance by being well prepared for every task. Create a to-do list if need be and follow it. Preparing for the task is as important as enduring till it’s completed. When you are not prepared for it, you are less likely to stick it out till the end. You need to be able to put your foot to the ground and decide that your day would be productive. You can’t waste time because you need to do what you truly desire. You need to spend more time doing what you love.

Simplify, Simplify and Simplify

How do you finish a sandwich? One bite at a time. It’s not enough to write to-do lists, you also have to help yourself by making them easy enough to accomplish. Why complicate things when they can be simple?

A trick to writing a good to-do list is to put the most work at the start. That is, the task that is most important, more difficult or takes the longest time would be done first. This helps you keep procrastination in check because when the hardest job is kept for later, you begin to dread it and end up not doing it.

The mistake that a lot of people make is that they try to expand their to-do list if they completed the tasks quickly. Doing this, defeats the purpose of the list. Why create one if you still end up bombarding yourself. Of course there is room for adjustments but don’t overdo it. Simplifying your tasks help you breeze through them so that you can spend more time doing what really matters.  


The importance of resting can never be overemphasized. You are less productive when you work tired. You should not put undue pressure on yourself and avoid burning out as much as possible. Having a good night time routine helps you be more productive the next morning. Waking up energized and ready for the day is much better than being grumpy and lazing about throughout the day.

Now that you know that it is very possible to ease through your 9-5 and maybe even start to tolerate your boss. Would you take action? Would you get all the extra help you need and implement all the actionable steps.

You have to decide to be a doer. Get your Azoth and Get Sh*t Done. Spend more time doing what you love. Get your life back!